Church Silent Auctions

Why Church Auctions Are Different

What Is A Silent Auction

   • Silent auctions have no auctioneer
   • Their completion date is what encourages bidding
   • They depend on people working in harmony, to support their cause.

What Make Church Silent Auctions Special:

   • Yes, items get sold and raise funds for causes just like other auctions.
   • Church auctions focus energy and teamwork with local folks.
   • Church auctions combat loneliness and support the causes important to locals.
   • Donations and volunteering are about neighbours, recycling is about the planet.
   • Selling more of anything and revenue targets are about helping neighbours.

The Groups Involved Are:

• The volunteers, organizers and helpers make the silent auction work.
• The buyers, shoppers and consumers find treasuers that make their day.
• The donors turn items into assistance for the church and community members.
•  All involved build relationships and pride by helping neighbours.

Who are the buyers?

The congregation, seniors, single parents, families, residents and local businesses.

What it Costs
Number Of Items1-1516-4546+
Daily Charge$2.50$4.79$5.99
One Time Setup – Web Page & Pics$50$125Quote
Image Enhancement / CorrectionsQuoteQuoteQuote
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